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Spanish Medical Immersion in Antigua, Guatemala
Program Objective
Our medical Spanish program in
Guatemala is meant to serve three
primary purposes:

1) To become completely immersed in   
the Spanish language, supplemented
with intensive private Spanish classes.

2) To provide an introduction to the
overall culture of Guatemala and the
Guatemalan people.

3) To participate in a medical shadowing   
experience at a local health center.
Pre-Health Students, Medical Students, Nursing
Students, and current practicing medical professionals
are eligible for this program.

  • Pre-Health Students: Please click here to learn more
    about our pre-health program in Guatemala.  This is a
    three-week program specifically for pre-health students,
    from June 11 to July 3, 2017.

  • No Spanish is required for this program, although it is
    recommended to have basic conversational skills before
    participating in medical shadowing experience.

Eligible Participants
The colorful buildings and cobblestone roads of Antigua, Guatemala
are surrounded by three volcanoes.
(Above) One of the main
aspects of our Guatemala
program are intense, 1:1
private Spanish lessons,
which include
vocab-building, grammar,
conversational practice, as
well as an opportunity to
work on medical-specific
terminology and situations.
Above: A popular after school cultural
activity is salsa lessons.

Below: Volcano "Agua," just south of
Antigua, provides a serene background
for the Spanish Colonial town.
-- Jill Krivoski
Participant - Guatemala (2010)
-- Miguel Lopez
Premedical Student and Spanish-Medical.com
Participant - Guatemala (2014)
There are a wide variety
of weekend excursions
available, such as
traveling to a nearby
black-sand beach (right)
visiting the stunning
Mayan ruins of Tikal
(below), or relaxing at
beautiful Lake Atitlan
(Bottom Right)
To view the application / registration form, click here.
"The country was
AMAZING and the school
was even better than
expected.  Everybody was
super nice and very
accommodating. My
teacher was great and my
Spanish improved so much
more than I expected!
"The best part of the experience was
getting to spend time daily with
patients.  I felt that I had a plethora of
volunteering in the hospital.