The medical Spanish program we have developed for medical students and professionals combines an intense

Spanish immersion program with medical-specific Spanish and cultural training.  Group Spanish classes never

have more than six students, and are taught by experienced college-educated Spanish teachers.  After your

morning classes, you will
find yourself engaged in a wide variety of medical-oriented activities in the afternoon.  

The medical shadowing component allows participants to shadow a local doctor in a hospital or clinic, two times a

week for up to four hours per session.  
Program Overview
Right: Cerro San Cristobal provides an impressive
backdrop for downtown Lima.  With a population
approaching 7 million, Peru's capital is the second
most populous city in South America.
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Eligible Participants
Group Spanish classes are arranged by Spanish level, and
never have more than eight people per instructor.
Right: The Basilica Cathedral is
a part of Lima's primary
downtown square. Logo
The Miraflores area of Lima, Peru is where our partner Spanish school is located.  
  •  Pre-Meds, Medical Students, Residents, and
    Medical Professionals are all eligible for this

  •  Pre-Health Students: Please click here to learn
    more about our pre-health program in Peru.  This
    is a three-week program specifically for pre-health
    students, from July 2 to September 2, 2017.