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Pre-Health Programs in Guatemala and Peru
It is often discussed that international
experience can be a crucial advantage of
getting into medical school.  The ability to
have medical-related international experience
on your CV can be the factor that gets you
into your desired school.

In a September 2015 article for
second-year medical student Emily Hause
stated some of the
real reasons to travel
internationally as an undergrad, including
"teaching adaptability, feeling
vulnerable, being resourceful,
(and) learning to
ask for

See the whole article here.

We understand the importance of
international experience for pre-health
students, and offer two programs specifically
for pre-health students: a program in
Antigua, Guatemala, customizable by
the student, which offers an economic and
flexible  way to gain international experience.  
We also offer an intense, six-week program in
Cusco, Peru, during the summer, which
allows you to spend time with like-minded
pre-health students in a surreal setting for
your summer break.

Please find detailed descriptions of each
program below, with photos and
testimonials.  Please also don't hesitate to
contact us by
clicking here or email

Antigua, Guatemala

The town: Antigua  has been the focus of Spanish language
study tours for many years.  In a surreal setting surrounded
by three volcanoes, its mild year-round climate and rich
culture will only enhance your overall experience.

The Program: Click Here for Calendar

Dates: June 11 to July 3, 2017

All-Inclusive Price: $3,450

  • 16 hours per week of private Spanish instruction
  • Family homestay with 3 meals included per day
  • Medical Observations at rural clinic & urban hospital
  • $100 donation in your name to Guatemala clinic or
  • Included weekend excursions include Lake Atitlan and
    Tikal ($800 value!!)
  • Included weekday excursions include coffee
    plantation, jade museum, volcano hike, and macadamia
    farm ($150 value!)

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Top and Above: Our programs in Peru and Guatemala both offer
opportunities for pre-health students to observe and volunteer in a
medical setting.
Top: The symbol of the Incan world: the majestic Macchu Picchu.

Above: As part of a cohort of like-minded students, the experience
is only enhanced and life-long friendships are born.
Left: Private Spanish
lessons offer the
chance to gain Spanish

Above and Right: There
are a wide variety of
weekend excursions in
Guatemala, including
the opportunity to visit
the stunning Mayan
ruins of Tikal.
"My favorite part was
spending time in the
infectious diseases ward,
where I got to see many
interesting cases that aren’t
commonly seen in the United
States such as tuberculosis,
dengue fever and even
parasitic infections."
-- Tess Hansen
Cusco, Peru Participant (2015)
Spanish-Medical.com Logo
"The best part of the experience was
getting to spend time daily with
patients.  I felt that I had a plethora of
opportunity to spend working and
volunteering in the hospital.
-- Miguel Lopez
Premedical Student
Spanish-Medical.com Participant - Guatemala  (2014)
Cusco and Lima, Peru

The town: Cusco, also known as “The Imperial City,” was
the capital of the great Inca Empire from the 13th century
through the Spanish conquest, and has been designated a
World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  It is the main train
departure-point for Macchu Picchu, the main icon of the Inca

The Program: We offer an intense 6-week program,
where you will join a group to explore the culture, language,
and medical side of Cusco and Peru.

Price (9-week Program): $9,290

Dates: July 2 to September 2, 2017

  • Nine Weeks of standard Spanish Immersion classes
    (equivalent to two college semesters)
  • Additional Medical Spanish role-playing and
    vocabulary classes
  • Regular visits to hospitals and clinics
  • Exposure to ancient alternative medicine practices, still
    being used by the local culture today.
  • Family homestay with 2 meals included per day
    (breakfast and dinner)
  • BONUS: Weekend overnight trip to Machu Picchu
    including train passage (value of $250)

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