I'm a third year medical student at George Washington University, and I
wanted to tell you how glad I am that I did your program...I'm one of the
few medical students who feels comfortable seeing Spanish-speaking
patients and even coached multiple women through labor in spanish.  

This skill has truly been an immeasurable asset! I went to Guatemala in
2008 with Spanish-Medical.com, and was able to work in a clinic there.  I
know that a lot of my credibility with the language is due to my first hand
use of it during the program. Thank you so much!
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Seeing the general check ups for the kids in the hospital where I did my
shadowing, there were some obvious differences. In addition it was
awesome that they let me do more than the average shadowing experience
would in the USA.

The biggest challenge of the medical shadowing was understanding
everything. Although all of the doctors were very helpful and took time to
make sure that I followed everything, at first it was difficult to follow all of
the medical terminology. I would say by the end of my three weeks, I did
learn a lot and I could follow the patient-doctor conversation much better.
Taylor Wheaton
Guatemala - 2008
Carrie Ryan
Argentina - 2009

My favorite part was shadowing dedicated young residents at the provided
excellent care in, admittedly, less than stellar facilities.
Karl Bauer
Argentina - 2007

I really like how we were allowed to observe the daily aspects of the clinic
and improve our skills with the language in a medical setting.
Aly Barland
Mexico - 2008
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Dina Suss
Santiago, Chile - 2014

The doctor I was assigned to was a wonderful person to shadow! He let me
do as much as I was comfortable with, and explained things not just about
the patients, but the medical system in Chile. He was also hilarious!
Miguel Lopez
Guatemala - 2014